State Fair Fare – 10 Reasons to Pack a Lunch

Minnesota state fair foodI live in Minneapolis; a place that was recently categorized by the 2012 American Fitness Index as first place in the Healthiest Cities in the country. I couldn’t be prouder.

Now imagine my surprise when I saw a website highlighting some of the Minnesota State Fair’s more daring edibles. My people wouldn’t eat this kind of food, would they?  Maybe?  Well, everything in moderation. I just hope Minneapolis can maintain the first place status after the Great Minnesota Get-Together.

If you are like me and you spend more time at the Marine pull up challenge booth than at the Midway, you can skip this list. However, if you are like my husband and you buy fries on the way over to the Marine pull up challenge booth to watch your wife do pull ups, then this list might be for you.

Top Ten State Fair Foods

1. Spaghetti Eddie’s Super Stick – It seems that all fair food must take place on a stick. The 2012 list includes chicken nachos on a stick and even cheeseburgers on a stick. I have to admit, that my husband would likely describe Spaghetti Eddie’s Super Stick as “nirvana:” “A stick of pepperoni and cheese dipped in a garlic batter mix, deep fried and served with marinara and hot BBQ dipping sauces.”

2. Bacon ice cream – A perfect opportunity to trash your spleen. “Real cooked and candied bacon in ice cream with a hint of maple flavor.” Breakfast of champions.

3.  Lamb Fries – Don’t be fooled by this moniker. Lamb “fries” are actually “marinated lamb testicles with Holy Land spices and served grilled or deep fried in a crumb coating and served with traditional dill sauce.” Finger lickin’ good, indeed.

4. Great Balls of Fire – No, it isn’t  another name for item #3.  “Hot and spicy ground pork sausage rolled into balls and served with dipping sauces.”

5. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Puppies – Does anyone else have dreams like this? “Crushed peanut butter cups baked in the middle of a Fudge Puppy that is dipped in chocolate, layered with whipped cream and a custom-made peanut sauce.”

Belgian Street Waffle – “Authentic waffles with a caramelized pearl sugar crust coating on a soft, sweet, dense and doughy waffle.” (If you eat too many, you too will start to be described as soft, dense and doughy.) But wait, there’s more! “Served plain or topped with Nutella, maple butter, fresh fruit” or lard. (Ok, I couldn’t resist.)

7. Sweetie’s Delights – “Mashed sweet potatoes on-a-stick, lightly battered and dusted with powdered sugar. Served with a side of whipped cream.”  Huh? No marshmallows?

8. Scone with Sausage Gravy – The low-calorie alternative to the deep fried butter on a stick. “A buttermilk scone covered with traditional southern gravy and sausages.”

9. Red Velvet Funnel Cake – This entry keeps getting better and better.  “Red-velvety funnel cake flavored with a dash of cocoa, brushed with butter, dusted with powdered sugar and drizzled with a cream cheese glaze” and fed to you by a naked Channing Tatum.

10. Camel Burger Sliders – This gastronomic adventure is only available between August 31 and September 3. You may want to check your calendar. “Spiced camel meat served with tomato, white American cheese, spicy mayo and caramelized onions.” (As everyone knows, nothing complements camel meat like American cheese.)

Good luck and bon appetit!



About The Author

Amy Scott

Amy Scott Erickson has a master’s degree from the University of Minnesota and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin—Madison. She is currently the dean of the Health Fitness Specialist degree at Globe University and is a certified Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist. Prior to her role as a dean, Amy was a rowing coach and recruiting coordinator for the University of Texas and the Head Strength & Conditioning coach for the University of Minnesota Women’s Athletic Department. A former Division I athlete, Amy now enjoys cycling, aerial yoga, strength training and is considering taking up rodeo as a new sport.